9 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress

9 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress

In this post I am going to tell you about a series of best plugins, add-ons, and widgets that you can get for free and also paid, to add more functionalities to Elementor Page Builder, as if it did not already have enough.

In each of the plugins I will show you details so that you can compare them, the addons that each one includes videos with the most prominent ones, the URL’s of the FREE and PRO versions (if any), prices of the PRO version, results of performance in Pingdom and GT Metrics after installation and some screenshots.

Performance of the Websites

Before you start coming up with all the addons that you are going to see, it is important that you know that, the more plugins and various snoopers you install on your website, the more you will have to control the performance so that it does not penalize the loading speed in particular, nor the general performance.

I have carried out the tests with the Pingdom and GT Metrics tools, configuring both tools so that the servers are hosted in the UK so that the test is as similar as possible.



GT Metrics:


All the Best Addons for Elementor

Now, we are going to thoroughly break down all these plugins, which for me, are the best addons to add functionalities to Elementor.

1. Crocoblock


Crocoblock is one of the best addons for Elementor that offers the most possibilities and quantity of widgets.

I have to say that this “pack of packs” has so many possibilities that one can really go crazy. I would recommend that you study your needs well and buy only those that you consider that you will use regularly. Anyway, if you buy the whole pack, it is important that you know that you can activate and deactivate those you want from the Elementor section of the WordPress general menu, in which all the Crocoblock packs configuration subsections will appear.

Performance of the Web with the Plugin Installed:

I have done two tests in Pingdom and GT Metrics to see the performance of Crocoblock.

The truth is that it is a plugin (or we could say several plugins) that, all together, have a certain impact on the general performance, which has been greatly diminished. The number of requests to the server has also practically doubled and the loading speed has dropped a few points.

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 14 packs (96 widgets / options)
  • Developer: Zemezjet
  • Available in the WordPress repository:  No
  • FREE version: N/A

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 49 (You can buy the plugins lose for $ 15)

2. Elementor Essential Addons


Essential Addons is a very complete plugin. More than 60 widgets, between FREE and PRO that will take your website to another level for less than $ 30. Innovative and very attractive widgets make this option one of the best, thanks to its differentiation with respect to others that do not provide great ideas in relation to the Elementor itself. Addons plugin in the Top 5 without hesitation.

Performance of the Web with the Plugin Installed:

In the test of this plugin in Pingdom and GT Metrics, we can see a clear decrease in the performance of the web page: we have lowered our overall score to 80 (C) in Pingdom when we originally got 84 (B), the weight of the page has increased. page a bit and we’ve gone from 25 requests to 42.

You should consider if you want to have a website with very striking effects in exchange for losing some speed. If you can get your website to load in less than three seconds still with ‘Essential Addons’ in your list of plugins, go for it!

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 29 FREE + 33 PRO
  • Developer: WPDeveloper
  • Available in the WordPress repository: Yes
  • Active downloads: 90,000
  • 5-star ratings: 120
  • This is its FREE version.

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 29.97

3. Elementor Extras


Elementor Extras is one of the best addon plugins for Elementor without a doubt.

Each of their addons offers something that others have not thought about or, if they have thought about it, the guys at Namogo have anticipated them. They even have widgets that no other developer offers, something that leads me to clearly state that the less than $ 25 that it costs is a great investment.

Great variety of elements, very configurable and with great creativity and good taste to be able to make incredible web page designs. I’ll put it in the Top 5 for sure!

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 31
  • Developer: Namogoo
  • Available in the WordPress repository: No
  • FREE version: It does not have a FREE version.

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 26

4. Livemesh Elementor Addons


Livemesh Elementor Addons plugin clearly differentiates the quality of its free addons from the PRO ones. Although the free ones are quite fair and very similar to other plugins, in the PRO version I have found some attractive and elegant options to consider.

Performance of the Web with the Plugin Installed:

As you can see below, the ‘ Livemesh ‘ plugin not only does not affect the performance and/or speed of our website. It is practically invisible! The results are 99% as if the plugin were not installed and activated. This is very good!

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 14 FREE + 15 PRO
  • Developer: Livemesh
  • Available in the WordPress repository: Yes
  • Active downloads: 40,000
  • 5-star ratings: 60
  • This is its Free version.

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 37

5. OceanWP Elementor Widgets


Very complete plugin with more than 50 addons that will give you many possibilities. It also has the endorsement of a great developer: OceanWP (creator of one of the best themes for Elementor and the one I use for my clients).

OceanWP Elementor Widgets offers a lot of addons that stand out above those of other developers, although it has others that are either very similar to others or are below in certain aspects. In any case, it is a very powerful pack at a very competitive price.

The only important problem that I see is that you must have the OceanWP theme installed yes or yes, something that should not be mandatory, as it closes the market.

Performance of the Web with the Plugin Installed:

As you can see below, the installation of OceanWP Elementor Widgets does not impact practically anything with respect to the installation of our WordPress. The plugin is practically ” non-existent ” in terms of performance and loading speed. Chapeau!

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 51
  • Developer: OceanWP
  • Available in the WordPress repository: No

Free version: It does not have a FREE version.

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 9.99

Note: The plugin needs the OceanWP theme to work.

6. PowerPack for Elementor


PowerPack for Elementor is a pretty neat plugin in many respects. It has a handful of very interesting widgets, although there are also some others that closely resemble the original ones from Elementor or only add some functionality or adjustment. In addition, they have some separate addons that could well be together in one, so as not to overload the widget panel.

Performance of the Web with the Plugin Installed:

As you can see in the following screenshots, the Powerpack plugin offers different results in Pingdom and GT Metrics in relation to the loading speed (the rest of the parameters are practically the same).

As the results of the tests depend to a certain extent on the saturation of the network at all times, we can interpret that GT Metrics has found a bottleneck at the time of the test.

If we are left with an average between the two, we would be around 1 second of charge, which is very good.

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 43
  • Developer: IdeaBox
  • Available in the WordPress repository: No

Free version: It does not have a FREE version.

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 59

7. Premium Addons for Elementor


Premium Addons for Elementor includes very innovative and creative widgets that are out of the ordinary. Here it is seen that there is a job behind to differentiate itself from the others.

Only the FREE version already takes you to another level, but with the PRO version, for less than $ 40, you can play God with your website. It is very difficult for me to give a negative evaluation of any of the addons.

Performance of the Web with the Plugin Installed:

The results obtained after passing tests in Pingdom and GT Metrics to the Premium Addons plugin have been more than satisfactory. Its activation has hardly been noticed with respect to the almost empty installation of our WordPress and the plugin does not penalize too much the speed and the general result.

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 21 FREE + 28 PRO
  • Developer: Leap13
  • Available in the WordPress repository: Yes
  • Active downloads: 60,000
  • 5-star ratings: 103

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 39

8. Ultimate Addons


Ultimate addons are one of the most popular and widely used addon plugins for Elementor despite not having a free version.

Performance of the Web with the Plugin Installed:

As I told you in the introduction to the post, I will pass each performance test to the web several times after installing each of the plugins.

As you will see in the following screenshots, the performance of the web has hardly changed at all. The loading time in GT Metrics has barely gone up a bit, but in Pingdom, it has nevertheless dropped a bit.

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 24
  • Developer: Brainstorm Force
  • Available in the WordPress repository: No

FREE version: It does not have a FREE version.

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 49

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9. Widgetkit


WidgetKit is a plugin that is not bad at all. It has some interesting widgets with options to consider, but it does not reach the level of other much more powerful packs. Let’s say you are halfway there.

Several of their Addons appear in the Elementor widget panel as standalone Addons when they really could have united them into one. In this way, many more options appear in the widget menu, something that can create some confusion for the user.

Performance of the Web with the Plugin Installed:

If we install the WidgetKit plugin in our WordPress we will notice a decrease in the general performance level of the web.

If in the empty installation we had a value of 84 (B) in Pingdom and 99% (A) and 88% (B) in GT Metrics, now we have lowered to 80 (C) in Pingdom and 96% (A) / 80% (B) in GT Metrics, according to the Page Speed ​​and YSlow scales respectively.

Regarding the loading speed, Pingdom gives us similar values ​​to the web without the plugin activated, however, GT Metrics has increased the loading time to 1.3 seconds. It should also be taken into account that the number of requests to the server has doubled, from 25 to 50, something that has a significant impact on the loading speed of our website.

Plugin Datasheet:

  • No. widgets: 22
  • Developer: Themes Groove
  • Available in the WordPress repository: Yes
  • Active downloads: 10,000
  • 5-star ratings: 23

PRO Version:

  • Price: $ 39

And so far the exhaustive and detailed analysis of all the widgets of this 9 piece of Addon packs for Elementor.


That’s it for today. I have tried to execute all the best Elementor addons for WordPress. I have researched it and found 9 suitable add-ons which are user-friendly.

From these add-ons, you can find paid and free versions. That’s is why it will be easy for you to choose your desired addon. You can also share your experience with us by commenting on us.

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