Security Tips with .htaccess in WordPress

10 .htaccess WordPress Security Tips You Must Follow

Suppose your site is under attack! It is very painful to resolve an attacked website. So better we take precautions, right? Don’t worry! In this article we are going to list 10 .htaccess WordPress Security Tips you must follow to increase your website security.

The WordPress .htaccess file in directories of your website, is a configuration file that can be used to override the configuration of the web server (if it allows it) .

In this article we show some simple changes that can be carried out in WordPress using the .htaccess file to increase the security of the site.

With the appropriate codes it is possible to enable or disable additional functionalities and features to protect your site from spammers, hackers and other threats.

Some of these features include basic redirects, blocking external access to specific files, or using more advanced features such as password protection of content or prevention of inappropriate use of website images on external sites (hotlinking) .


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