How to successfully promote YouTube Videos on Facebook

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I was been experimenting with something new about promoting YouTube videos on Facebook and done posting a regular post without mentioning the video in the comment and another one mentioning the video link in the comment. The result of both postings was totally different. The post not containing the video link got approximately 4x comments than the other one. When you’re ranking your video about playing online slot at on YouTube, you have to consider few things. There is a big reason for this situation. Facebook usually maintains some simple rules. They are, Facebook features the posts first which contain directly uploaded a video on Facebook. Then, The posts containing directly uploaded Images. After that, the regular post and at last the post containing YouTube links. That means audience gets your YouTube video link as the last chance.

I discovered some idea to share your YouTube video on Facebook and get more traffic. You can follow the following steps,

  1. At first, take a good snapshot of the video you want to share. The snapshot must be catchy enough to attract people.
  2. You can make a short video teaser of the video you want to share.
  3. Upload a status with the video or the image you have snapped from the video.
  4. Take the youtube video URL of the video you want to share and make it disguised through a URL shortener, like Bonus points for shortening a playlist that starts with that video, because it’ll increase your channels watch time on your YouTube channel as your next video in the playlist will automatically start as soon as the first one ends.
  5. And then, Post it!


Now, come to the second phase. That is, How can you grow your promotion of the YouTube video over time. When interaction increases, Facebook automatically increases the viewability of the post. So, as much the interactions increases, as the posted availability and the reach increases. You must share it to your page, group or page as well as on others dependable. Shares can grow the reach most, then comes the comment and at last the likes.

If you are planning to earn by using a youtube channel, the URL shortener ensures you more traffic on your channel as well as sure money. helps you to open your link in a new tab. For YouTube video, it opens directly the YouTube. Their user can easily change and control your video quality as the user demands. If the video appears on Facebook, then the user will find no option to select video quality.
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