themerally / January 31, 2021

I Blogger

On top of that, the iBlogger is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive Bootstrap based WordPress Blog Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for any blog based websites. The theme is also optimized in such a way that it will help all bloggers from novice to professionals who need more power and freedom yet wants a light weighted fast loading theme. The theme is built on top of the fabulous Bootstrap framework and can be used by the developer and also regular user as it would be easier due to the well-documented and neat coding convention. It is well graded in the page speed and also it has scored well in AMP and Facebook’s Audience Network.

It is very simple to use. With our guided documentation and video walkthrough, you can set up a website within an hour. If you are lazy say within a day! And our support teams are always here to help if you feel difficulties in doing so!